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Our Mission

ECO-UM is an Environmental Consulting Organization at the University of Michigan comprised of a group of students that are passionate about making communities more sustainable one business at a time. Breaking down into subcommittees, our group collaboratively works with different organizations within Ann Arbor and surrounding communities to create change.


ECO-UM is a WORK-HARD, PLAY-HARD atmosphere as we have a lot of HIGH-IMPACT projects that require attention to detail and dedication but, we also make great effort to create a balanced atmosphere with other fun opportunities.

Executive Board


Aditya Kalahasti


Lola Reimers.jpeg

Lola Reimers

VP Education


Maitri Shah

VP Internal


Fiona Huang

VP Marketing

Abby Travis.jpeg

Abby Travis

VP Projects

Robert Coulter.jpeg

Rob Coulter

VP Membership

Lana Zheng.jpeg

Lana Zheng

VP External

Lilly Stidham.jpeg

Lilly Stidham

VP Strategy

Our Core Values

Teamwork: The club is organized into smaller teams that each work with a separate business. This not only increases efficiency but also fosters the development of highly applicable skills team members will carry with them to the workforce.

Creativity: To conceive solutions to the incredibly multi-disciplinary and complex problems behind increasing sustainability, members must be able to think outside of the box.

Innovation: Members must have the courage and grit to be able to not only find solutions but also implement them.

Passion: Members must have a passion for the creation of a more sustainable business that drives them through the challenges of finding and implementing sustainable solutions.

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